HVAC UV light benefits

Benefits of HVAC UV lights that you need to know

HVAC UV lights have super powerful germ-killing attributes and provide benefits to a broad range of sterilization applications. UV light emitted within the UVC range is proven to kill many sorts of microorganisms comprising viruses and bacteria, even mildew and mold. Other sorts of UV lamps like UV ozone lamps also evacuate foul odor by ousting volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air that cause illness and odor.

Benefits of UV Light in HVAC: 

Cost-Efficient Investment

When you add on a UV lighting device to the HVAC system, you are helping the system keep itself quite clean. That is why UV installations are truly cost-effective for contemporary homeowners. Be sure that an expert technician evaluates your place’s conditions to assure it’s the right individual for UV installations. 

There are several matters that contribute to the technology’s efficiency, comprising the number of UV lamps installed, their intensity, direction & placement, the reverberation of surrounding surfaces, and the abode’s humidity and temperature levels.

Ameliorated Energy Efficiency

There are tons of HVAC UV light benefits. Adding a UV device to the existing HVAC system could lessen your house’s overall energy consumption up to 35 percent, which translates to a pleasant chunk of savings on the energy bill. 

Though UV lighting does not save energy alone, rather it reinstates the performance of the HVAC system to optimal levels, diminishing its power consumption rate and helping it perform like new. Once you consider that your HVAC system is liable for the majority of your house’s total energy usage, you can commence appreciating the substantial savings a UV device could bring.

Disease Interception

Since the UV lighting is being utilized in HVAC systems eliminates or prevents the buildup of any sort of organic material on the system’s cooling coils, interior ductwork, and drain pipes, it not only enhances airflow and but reduces maintenance costs as well, it also kills microorganisms and pathogens that might normally thrive in the HVAC system.

Enhanced Airflow

Ultraviolet-C (UV-C) technology has been used in cooling & heating systems and in air cleaners since the mid ‘90s, while UV lamps were promoted as a solution for enhancing the quality of indoor air. HVAC UV light benefits include preventing the microbial buildup on cooling coils, air filters, duct surfaces, and drain pans, keeping your whole HVAC system working like a new one.

Whether you’re just starting to consider HVAC UV lights technology or you have already decided to proceed with the installation, call a reputed professional to get started. One of their technicians will evaluate the HVAC system and assist you with viable options which could help everyone in your household breathe easier.


Are HVAC UV lights worth it?

Direct exposure to the UV-C utilized in HVAC systems is quite hazardous, particularly to the eyes and skin. With the proper conditions and right installation method, UV lights are often very effective at killing mold, bacteria, and viruses. The two working together could make your office or home a way healthier place.

Can I install HVAC UV Light on my own? 

It is vital to consult an expert HVAC technician while installing a UV light system into your cooling and heating system. For optimal results, inserting a UV system for the HVAC must be done appropriately. 

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