HVAC UV light benefits

How Efficient Are The HVAC UV Lights?

Looking for ways to improve indoor air quality? Try installing HVAC UV lights. The ultraviolet or UV lights are intended to reduce microbial and similar organic growth that may otherwise degrade the air quality within the four walls.

Usually, the installations are made near the coil to prevent mold and bacterial growth. Several HVAC UV light benefits are available, making it a highly demanded product. This article lists some of the main reasons why HVAC UV lights are highly recommended for improving air quality, indoors.

Benefits of installing HVAC UV lights

With an HVAC UV light, kill bacteria and mold spores, preventing allergies and similar respiratory illnesses.

  • Enhances airflow

Having optimum airflow within the house is a determining factor for a comfortable temperature within the house. Only this aspect can keep indoors warm or cool without putting excess load on the heating or air conditioning units.

The air filters can limit and trap the buildup up to a certain extent. Over time, there are high chances of dust and debris building up within the system. Hence, proper servicing and filter chancing becomes essential.

On the brighter side, installation of HVAC UV light benefits the users by increasing optimal airflow indoors, boosting the life span of the HVAC system.

  • Improves efficiency

The HVAC coil often accumulates microorganisms, hindering proper airflow from the system. As a general remedy, the system can run for longer periods before reaching the desired temperature condition.

UV lights are expertise in terminated microbial growth, inhibiting the airflow. The coils need to be thoroughly cleaned from time to time to aids the UV lights to destroy the microbe growth.

  • Reduces energy costs

Improved HVAC unit efficiency and enhanced airflow go side-by-side with lowered energy costs. In addition, this helps to reduce the power consumed by the HVAC system. Efficient working of the heating, air conditioning, or ventilation units takes less energy for operating spontaneously.

  • Eliminates mold and bacteria

The air conditioning or heating systems are responsible for providing comfortable temperature conditions indoors, as and when necessary. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean the units will remain dry from within.

Humid climatic conditions serve as the perfect breeding ground for mold and bacterial growth. This is where the HVAC UV light benefits truly do wonders. The microbe growth comes to halt before it may become airborne. This, in turn, reduces the chances of the bacteria infiltrating the houses.

  • Reduces volatile organic compound

The volatile organic compounds or VOCs can be of two types: man-made compounds or naturally occurring compounds. Such compounds directly affect the air quality within the house, damaging the overall health, causing flues and colds. With the additional benefits of UV lights, an HVAC UV light can help to reduce unwanted VOCs at home or in the workplace.

  • Minimizes clogged condensate drain line

Air conditioning generally creates moisture from within. Excess build-up of moisture in the system may lead to clogging in the condensation drainage line. It may lead to serious issues like inward water leakage and foul smell production.

The HVAC UV light benefits by keeping the moisture content in control, preventing the condensate drain line from getting clogged over time.


Summing up, the HVAC UV lights helps to control bacterial growth, reducing unwanted odor and VOC concentration, cleaning coils, and optimizing indoor airflow. Usually, two types of HVAC UV lights are used: coil sterilization or air sterilization type. Keeping the benefits in mind, install an HVAC UV light with professional help.


Are HVAC UV lights worth it?

Direct exposure to the UV-C utilized in HVAC systems is quite hazardous, particularly to the eyes and skin. With the proper conditions and right installation method, UV lights are often very effective at killing mold, bacteria, and viruses. The two working together could make your office or home a way healthier place.

Can I install HVAC UV Light on my own? 

It is vital to consult an expert HVAC technician while installing a UV light system into your cooling and heating system. For optimal results, inserting a UV system for the HVAC must be done appropriately.


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