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Importance and accessibility of green products used in HVAC industry

Recently, to reduce the consumption of energy by the technologies of the HVAC industry with the help of non-renewable energy sources, new green technologies are coming to help to reduce the high rates of carbon dioxide and other harmful greenhouse gas emissions. So, the number of green products used in the HVAC industry is increasing day by day in order to get a pollution-free lifestyle.

Here is a list of some really helpful green technologies used in the HVAC industry or the benefits of using green products in the HVAC industry to offer us a healthy and pollution-free life.

Benefits of using green products in the HVAC industry

The geothermal heat pump

With the use of two-way technology to move the existing energy of our earth, the geothermal heat pumps can easily offer special and renewable space cooling and heating and also water heating. By pumping the warm air from the ground into your home in the winter days and also drawing this out in the summer, this special technology can easily eliminate the chances of combustion from fossil fuels and thus can stop the emission of carbon dioxide.

The dual fuel heat pump

This is one of the most important examples of the benefits of using green products in the HVAC industry. This special pump works on a technology that can alternate between both electric and gas to offer some really efficient heating and cooling. While the temperature is above 35 degrees F, this heat pump can draw in and heats the air using electric power.

However, when the temperatures drop lower than the number 35 degrees F in the months of winter, this dual fuel pump easily fires up your furnace with gas which can offer energy-efficient heat. While the temperatures increase in the summer months, this special heat pump can easily reverse the refrigerant and brings in cold air to cool your home.

Quiet-duct wrap

Quiet-Duct Wrap is a special kind of insulation that can absorb both heat and noise on one side and also reflects heat and offers the fire retardant on the other. As it is developed from recycled cotton instead of fiberglass, it is much softer on the skin and lungs for HVAC installers. Also, it doesn’t cause any type of itching or breathing irritations. So, this is another important example of green technology used in the HVAC industry.

Hence, in this modern age of pollution, it is a very good idea to invent the green products used in the HVAC industry to help out the people and the environment as well. So, for expert HVAC contactor help, you can contact Airplex Mechanicals.


Will the HVAC system add value to my home?

 Yes, of course, a good quality and efficient HVAC system can easily add to the value of your entire home. This special system of heating and cooling can offer you an incredible amount of comfort, which can always increase the health of your lifestyle and also the standard of comfort of your house. Not to mention you can save a good amount of money with the new good quality and energy-efficient HVAC options.

Why and when is it better to use Emergency heat?

As the name shows, it is good for emergency situations. It is good to use when there is anything wrong with the heating pump, which is the first stage of heating. In other words, if you can see that your house is cold and it can get heated properly, and also you noticed that outside, a tree fell and crushed the heat pump badly, then it would be a good idea to switch to the option known as Emergency Heat.


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