The Best Choice For Instant and Emergency AC Repair NYC

When you find that your air conditioning unit is causing troubles, be it a residential unit or a commercial one, you will surely be looking for a reliable and efficient repair service provider. Preferably, a company that can offer prompt and effective AC repair NYC, without any hassles. Along with that, you will also be looking for professionals who can do an efficient job that delivers long-term results which are cost-effective and you do not have to opt for repairs again and again. For all your AC repair needs, Airplex Mechanical is the perfect name for you. 

If you are wondering why, then we have the answer for you. At Airplex Mechanical, we strive to deliver the best air conditioning repair solutions for all your needs and requirements. Regardless of the kind or size of the property, or the model and make of the system, we have highly experienced, EPA and NATE certified technicians who deliver the best quality of AC repair NYC solutions. Our experts can conduct a detailed inspection of any issue you report to us, and can offer the most effective and valuable consulting services to ensure that you get the appropriate services at the most cost effective prices. 

Common Issues That Indicate That You Need To Call For Emergency AC Repairs

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Having a malfunctioning air conditioning system in your property may not always be detected. There can be evident signs of technical issues but along with that, there can be a lot of underlying issues that require expert supervision and inspection to detect the problem and its cause. At Airplex Mechanical, we offer the best-in-class and 24 hour AC repair services for all your needs at your home and office. Our AC repair NYC and inspection services are specifically designed for both residential and commercial units and specific AC systems including rooftop units, split units and a lot more. 

There are a lot of signs when you need to call in for repairs and we ensure that you get the best after-sales service for all kinds of repair and maintenance needs. Here are some signs when you may need to call Airplex Mechanical for a repair job:

  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Clogged drainage lines
  • Compressor malfunctioning
  • Filter clogging
  • Capacitor issues
  • Condenser oils
  • Contractor Issues
  • Evaporator Coil issues


Along with these we cover all other kinds of AC system issues and you can safely call us to cover all kinds of problems without any worries.

Expert Technicians

We have EPA and NATE certified experts to repair both residential and commercial units.

All-Inclusive Coverage

We offer all-inclusive coverage and the appropriate repair and maintenance solutions which include preventative maintenance.

Licensed and Insured Work

We are a fully licensed and certified AC repair and maintenance company and we also offer preventative maintenance and long term service contracts.