HVAC heater is not working

HVAC heater stopped working: Causes and solutions

On those uncomfortable days, you need your HVAC heating unit to run without a hitch. However, even some of the efficient HVAC heaters can run into issues with time. So, if your HVAC heater is not working properly, then you need to check out the points mentioned below to find out the cause of your house heater not working and also its solution.

Points to check if HVAC heater stopped working

1. Problems with the thermostat

A very common reason when your HVAC heater is not working is the improperly set or malfunctioning thermostat. The function of this thermostat is to properly regulate the heat that is generated from the furnace. So, if you discover this problem, don’t hesitate and consider replacing it with a programmable option.  Also, remember to check if the thermostat is programmed properly.

2. Poor maintenance

Another major reason for the heat not working in the house is the lack of maintenance of the furnace. If the furnace cannot turn on, a good reason is that the heating system is really dirty. If the blower has become dirty, then the heat exchanger cannot work properly. Thus, a dirty blower can result in the failure of the heat exchanger. Dirty air filters are another reason for your house heater not working. 

So, to avoid all these problems, it is better to call an expert HVAC technician in New York to check and maintain your HVAC heater on a regular basis.

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3. Blower capacitor is dead

Another reason that can lead the HVAC heater to stop working is the death of the blower capacitor. This capacitor works by starting the furnace when the thermostat instructs it to start. So, if the capacitor is dead, the blower will not start. 

The best solution for this problem is to replace the capacitor as soon as possible for that you can contact HVAC repair service.

4. The ductwork is faulty

In some cases, the reason why your HVAC heater is not working properly is the problematic ductwork. So, it is better to make sure that the ductwork is properly designed and installed. To avoid the faulty design and installation of the ductwork, call those expert HVAC technicians and live a trouble-free life.

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5. Check the size of the system

If the HVAC system is too large for your home it cannot heat up your house properly while needed. Also, if it’s too small for your house, then will not work properly, thus leading to system breakdown. So, remember to check the size of the system before buying.

So, all of these above-mentioned causes and solutions can help you a lot with your questions regarding why isn’t my heater working?

To get best the services, regarding your HVAC heater is not working, just call Airplex Mechanical and live a problem-free and comfortable life at any season.

FAQ’s about HVAC system

1. When is it a better time to go for servicing of my heating and cooling system?


It is better to properly check your HVAC system before the starting of each heating and cooling season. So, it is better to go for regular maintenance of your air conditioner at the beginning of spring, or end of winter. Also, keep in mind to perform maintenance of your furnace at the end of summer or the beginning days of fall.

2. Where is the filter located on my furnace?


The usual location of your furnace filter is between the return air duct and the air handler or furnace. If you look for the grill opening that is capable of drawing the air into it, this is the return duct, and the filter of the furnace will be situated somewhere nearby. Still, if you can’t find it, ask for help from the manufacturer of the system.


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