HVAC ductwork

Know when you need to replace and clean HVAC ductwork

Air ducts are actually the last thing about which a homeowner thinks when it comes to the maintenance of their HVAC system. However, the air ducts are an essential portion of the ventilation system of your house; without which, your HVAC system wouldn’t be capable of distributing air to all the rooms of your house.

Although often these air ducts are forgotten about for their hidden location, your air ducts also need proper attention regarding the process like maintenance, repairs, or replacement if necessary. Though important, it is not so easy to know about when to replace them, because you hardly ever even see those things.

Hence, we are going to share some very common but crucial signs to look for that may tell you that your system needs an air duct replacement or furnace duct repair:


Poor flow of the air

The flow of the air is a very important part of the proper functionality of the HVAC system, and your ductwork plays a very significant role in the cooling procedure of your living spaces. When your ductwork is clogged or damaged, for age, dirt, or in any other way, your home is obviously going to suffer adverse results like  high electricity bills or various issues. If you notice that the airflow of the HVAC system is depleting or reducing, it can be the right time for a replacement.


Punctures or dents

The air ducts of your house are carefully designed and also strategically planned to ensure that your home can get the full benefit from your air conditioning system. Damages like punctures or dents can hamper the effectiveness of your cooling system. If you see dents or punctures in your ductwork, immediately call a professional to look for the damage.


Poor Performance regarding cooling

If the HVAC system of your house is having trouble while cooling your home, you may need to have a proper inspection of the ducts. Various factors can affect your system and make it hard to work properly in the process of cooling. You can always try to check your air filter first and replacing it if needed. If that doesn’t do the trick, call for a licensed HVAC technician to do the work for you.


Due to Age

Similarly, as an AC unit, the air ducts of your HVAC system can last for about 10 years with good care. However, it is important to remember that as time passes, the seals, joints, and seams of the air ducts are prone to deterioration. The deterioration can cause various problems for your HVAC systems, like the overuse and extra cost of energy, discomfort within your home, and also poor performance of the system. Therefore, like the other HVAC equipment, the air ducts may have some wear and tear. Hence, it is crucial to have the ductwork checked and repaired or replaced every ten years.


Molds and bad smell

Mold is always another problem, especially if it gets into the ducts. When this happens, every time your HVAC system starts to work, it spreads mold spores and foul smells throughout your home. Hence, it is time for a replacement of the air ducts or furnace duct repair.



Therefore, in all houses, the faulty or clogged air ducts may create various kinds of problems and health-related issues. So, you should be very careful and call for a professional from experienced service providers like Airplex Mechanical to clean those ducts if needed.

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