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Did you clean your air ducts? What if you didn’t?

The air duct system in your house may be the most neglected part. For most people, this is one part of the cooling and heating system that tends to urge little attention unless there’s some kind of breakdown. The very fact is that appropriate maintenance of the air ducts is vital for several reasons. What can happen if you don’t get around to inspecting and cleaning the ducts? Here is a few essential information that you must need to know.

What Kind of Contaminants Can Invade the Air Ducts?

In residential air ducts, a few distinctive contaminants get collected over there. Dust is among the foremost common. It also can remain within the system for a long time before being forced throughout the vents.

Another example is pet dander. If you have pets inside for most of the time, within the duct system, you likely have some pet dander. This is often true, albeit you change the filters in a regular manner.

Do not forget that different types of pests and vermin might end up in ductwork. That comprises carcasses of roaches, mice, and other household pests. They remain inside the system and eventually get into the room’s air until the ducts are cleaned.

How Can Dirty Air Ducts Affect Our Health?

A detrimental impact may grow on your health for the lower air quality. Whilst that’s quite true for anyone, it’s typically relevant to people having chronic issues related to respiratory systems.

The contaminants that spread with the forced air will incur you to sneeze and cough more continually. You’ll also notice a rise in sinus headaches. A few of the unfamiliar signs of health issues associated with dirty air ducts comprise the development of skin problems such as rashes, hives, and dry skin.

How Do I Know Whether If My Air Ducts Need to be Cleaned?

Mold, grime, or dirt around the vents is quintessentially a sign that you simply require to clean up the system. That is because those contaminants are being coerced towards vents and stockpiling around the openings.

A high rise in utility costs can indicate that the system has been working hard to force air throughout the ducts and out of the vents. Get a professional duct inspection if there appears to be no other matter for the escalation, and check whether they truly need cleaning.

If it’s been long since air ducts were cleaned up, now’s the time to make a call to AirPlex Mechanical. Once the work is consummated, you will be amazed at how fresh the inside air smells.


How Frequently Should I Clean-up the Air Ducts?

Most experts will commend having the duct system meticulously cleaned at least every two years. Keep it in mind that if you have house pets or if someone inside the household smokes, having the system looked over and possibly cleaning up every two years isn’t out of the question.

Can I Clean Air Ducts On My Own?

Whilst it’s possible to clean up the duct system yourself, it’s barely practical, as you may need to buy or rent the proper cleaning equipment and use the mentioned cleaning agents. By the time you are doing all that, the cost of doing this job versus hiring professionals HVAC contractors in New York is minimal.

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